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» Ink-Toner-Ribbon » HP » DeskJet
DeskJet 1000/1050/1055 DeskJet 1000C/1100C DeskJet 1120C
DeskJet 1220C DeskJet 1600C DeskJet 2050
DeskJet 3000/3050/3050A DeskJet 3320 DeskJet 3420/3425
DeskJet 3520/3550 DeskJet 3620/3650/3651 DeskJet 3740/3745/3747
DeskJet 3820 DeskJet 3843/3845/3847 DeskJet 39XX Series
DeskJet 450 DeskJet 460 DeskJet 5150
DeskJet 5440 DeskJet 5550/5650/5850 DeskJet 5740
DeskJet 5940 DeskJet 610C thru 656C DeskJet 6122/6127
DeskJet 6520/6540 DeskJet 660C thru 697C DeskJet 6620/6830/6840
DeskJet 6940/6980/6988 DeskJet 710C thru 722C DeskJet 810C/812C
DeskJet 820C Series DeskJet 825C Series DeskJet 830C/832C
DeskJet 840C thru 845C DeskJet 850C thru 870C DeskJet 880C thru 895C
DeskJet 920C DeskJet 9300 DeskJet 930C/932C/935C
DeskJet 940C DeskJet 950C thru 995C DeskJet 9650/9670/9680
DeskJet 9800 DeskJet D1300/1400/1500 DeskJet D2320
DeskJet D2330/2345/2360 DeskJet D2430/2445/2460 DeskJet D2530/2560
DeskJet D4145/4155/4160 DeskJet D4260/D4360 DeskJet F2110
DeskJet F2140/F2180 DeskJet F4280
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